Office Services

Initial Consultation

What can I expect to happen during an initial consultation?
Prior to your scheduled appointment, an office nurse will contact you by telephone for a brief interview. You will be asked questions about your current symptoms (if any), your past medical/surgical history and medication list and any medication allergies. We will also remind you to bring your medication bottles with you the day of your visit.

At the time of your office visit, please register with the front office staff. From there, you will be escorted into an examination room where your vital signs will be checked and your medication bottles reviewed. You will be asked to change into a patient gown.

During the time with your cardiologist, pointed questions will be asked regarding any symptoms you may be having. Your prior history will be reviewed and a physical examination performed. Following this, the physician will make recommendations for care. Testing may be ordered and/or additional appointments scheduled.

At the conclusion of your visit, you will dress and be directed to our check-out area. This is where all testing, procedure and follow up appointments are scheduled. If procedures are scheduled, you can expect a call from our office nurse approximately one week prior to your scheduled date.

We would appreciate the opportunity to participate in your cardiovascular health. An initial consultation can be obtained by contacting our office directly or through a referral by your primary care physician. A referral form can be downloaded and printed directly from our website for this purpose.